Review - LA
Cubensis@House of Blues, Hollywood.

Not just another night with with LA's evergrowing #1 tribute band. The place was packed with smiling heads everywhere. Opening up was Highway 61 Revisited, a Dylan tribute. Pretty impressive show with some great songs and a front man that is very believable until we saw him at the valet without the wig.

Cubensis really stood up to the plate and rocked a solid long set. The over-all sound of the House is great, the boys plugged it in just right to get that fat sound of a big show . "Midnite Moonlite" and "Shakedown" seemed to really get the place jumpin as even the attendant in the bathroom said, " that stuff really sounds good out there."

We met Dan Ackroyd during "Eyes of the World" as we danced and snuck around the house. So cool, a genuine blues brother!! Justin handled "Eyes" with his own sweet vocal style as Craig wailed the Jerry solos like he was doing it in his sleep. The whole band just really sounds better and it should be. A Tuesday night with plenty o' dancin, the night was very cool. This should be a regular thing. We will talk to Dan.