Qbase set lists

Qbase set lists

CUBENSIS SET LISTS "Q-Base" Thanks to John Moura for compiling the set lists below.

Also, many thanks to John Chaney for the artwork. :-)

Posted 12/01--Some lists incomplete, and many shows missing. Can you fill in the blanks?

4-4-97 Cubensis @ Mogul's - Touch of Gray, Hey Pocky Way, Women>Scarlet>Fire, Minglewood, Terrapin>Jam, Miss 1/2 Step Enc.: Sparkle First w/ new guitarist - Justin.

5-13-97 Cubensis @ Moose's LB: Bertha, Minglewood, Sparkle, Music Never Stopped

5-25-97 Cubensis (appearing as a trio) @ Moose's: ~II~ Ripple, Schoolgirl, others

6-1-97 Cubensis @ Moose's: Guest guitar (Marc Ford of Black Crowes) in place of Craig. Stranger, Samson, Promised Land, Playin', Bird Song>GDTRFB, Hey Pocky Way ~II~ Help>Slip>Franklin's, Dear Mister Fantasy, Uncle John's Band>Crazyfingers>UJB, Scarlet Enc.: Morning Dew

6-3-97 Cubensis @ Moose's LB: ~I~ Cumberland, Loose Lucy, Stir It Up, Sisters & Brothers, Women Are Smarter, Bucket, China Cat> Rider ~II~ Hey Pocky Way, Staggerlee, Train to Cry Three guitarists (pretty hot show).

6-8-97 Cubensis @ Moose's: ~I~ Sat. Night, Cold Rain, Ramble On Rose, Help>Slip> Frank, East to Love You, Shining Star, Wheel, Peggy-O ~II~ Bertha, Women are Smarter, Sparkle, Other One, Hey Pocky Way

6-10-97 Cubensis @ Moose's LB: Playin'*, Dire Wolf, Minglewood, Touch, Easy To Love You, Bertha, Lost Sailor>Saint; w/ Freight Train

6-15-97 Cubensis @ Moose's: Jack-A-Roe, Minglewood, Shining Star (w/ Lisa Blue guest vocalist), Greatest Story, Est. Prophet, Sittin' on Top of the World

6-29-97 Cubensis @ Moose's: Tangled, Sat. Night, New Speedway Boogie, Truckin', Cassidy, Iko, Memphis Blues ~II~ St. Stephen, The 11>Loose Lucy, Viola Lee Blues, Hard to Handle, Sailor>Saint, Deal Enc.: Around & Around

7-4-97 Cubensis @ American Pie: ~I~ U.S. Blues, Cassidy, Bertha, Dupree's, Brown-Eyed Women, Race Is On, Hey Pocky Way, Stranger ~II~ Get Outta My Life Woman, Midnight Moonlight, Samson (w/ Truckin' & Other One), Viola Lee Blues, Crazyfingers (w/ Spanish Jam)>Uncle John's Band

7-6-97 Cubensis @ Moose's: "10th Anniversary Show."

8-9-97 Dead on the Mountain (Angeles Nat'l Forest): Cubensis: Stranger, Midnight Moonlight, Tangled, Carnival, Terrapin >Est. Prophet>New Speedway Boogie Enc.: Dew.

12-11-97 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I~ Big River, Tangled, Ramble On Rose, Shakedown, Playin'>Uncle John'>Playin'~II~ Centerfold, Row Jimmy, China Cat> Know You Rider, Bird Song, Drums, Stranger>the Wall> >Stranger

12-16-97 Cubensis @ Foothill: Start of Cubensis Tuesday Nights @ Foothill: ~I~ Bertha, Reuben & Cherise, Mexicali, Black Throated Wind, Music

2-1-98 Cubensis @ Scruffy's: ~I~ (in progress) Ramble On Rose, China Cat>Rider ~II~ U.S. Blues, Staggerlee, Playin' in the Fire, Good Lovin'>La Bamba>Good Lovin', Dark Star>Other One, Ripple, Music

2-8-88 Cubensis @ Scruffy's: ~I~ Baby Blue, Eyes, Deal, Playin', Loose Lucy, Breeze, Jack-A-Roe, Tangled, others.

2-10-98 Cubensis @ Foothill: Dire Wolf, Dear Prudence, Estimated Prophet, Samson, Into the Night, L.L. Rain, BIODTL, Viola Lee Blues (only one set). Good show: Brian hung in there when string broke in jam.

2-13-98 Cubensis @ Hollywood Mogul's: (missed 1st set), Dancin', Minglewood, Crazyfingers, China Cat>Corinna, Staggerlee, These Words (Cubensis original) (only one set).

2-15-98: Cubensis at Scruffy's: ~I~ (missed 1st 2 - Althea & ?) Bucket, original tune, Sisters & Brothers, Scarlet>Fire, Box of Rain, Wharf Rat, Sugar Magnolia ~II~ Lost Sailor>Saint, China Cat>Corinna>Rider, Unbroken Chain, Jack-A-Roe, Shakedown, Terrapin Encore: Touch. Best Cubensis show yet.

2-17-98 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I~ Waiting, Righteous Sound, Saturday Night, Miracle, China Cat>Nadine, Hell in a Bucket, Bird Song, Lovelight ~II~ Me & My Uncle, Big River, Estimated Prophet, GDTRFB>Blow Away, ?>Franklin's. Encore: Dew. Extremely HOT 1st set.

2-22-98 Cubensis at Scruffy's: ~I~ Music, Tenn. Jed, Speedway, Good Lovin', Rider, He's Gone, Loose Lucy, Est. Prophet, IKO ~II~ Women, Uncle John's, Mexicali Blues, Peggy-O, Eyes>Cold Rain and Snow

2-24-98 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I~ (in progress) Hey Pocky Way, Bertha, Sugaree, Golden Road, He's Gone, Other One, Ramble On Rose ~II~ IKO, Midnight Moonlight, Bobby McGee, Cassidy, Reuben & Cherise, Brokedown Palace, Cumberland, Unbroken Chain>Sugar Magnolia.

3-1-98 Cubensis at Scruffy's: ~I~ (in progress) Bertha, Stir It Up, Race Is On, Terrapin>Watchtower>tail, Help>Slipknot>Franklin's ~II~ Midnight Moonlight, Waiting for a Miracle, Mission, Reuben & Cherise, U.S.Blues, Truckin'>Other One>Crazyfingers>Tangled> Sparkle.

3-3-98 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I~ (late - Bowman v. Sosa) Jack Straw, Lost Sailor>Saint, Mr. Charlie>Jam>tail, Alabama, Stranger ~II~ Shakedown (w/ Jam), Ripple, Eyes, Drums (left early)

3-8-98 Cubensis at Scruffy's: ~I~ Touch of Grey, Get Outta My Life Woman, Moondance>Deal, Althea, Cassidy, Mr. Charlie, Hey Pocky Way ~II~ Dupree's, Minglewood, Row Jimmy, Jack Straw, Saturday Night, Music. Encore: Breeze (Cubensis original)

3-10-98 Cubensis at Foothill: ~I~ (in progress) Ever At Your Side (Cubensis original), Tenn. Jed, Hell, Corinna>Hey Pocky Way ~II~ BIODTL, Help>Slipknot> >Franklin's, Scarlet>Fire, Deception (Original)>Uncle John's, Breeze (Original), Cumberland. Encore: Dew Excellent show.

3-15-98 Cubensis @ Scruffy's: ~I~ Stranger, And It Stoned Me, Shining Star, Cumberland, They Love Each Other, Saturday Night, Playin' in the Fire ~II~ Unbroken Chain, Ramble On Rose, Alligator (w/ Mtn Jam), You and I ("Right There"), Staggerlee, St. Stephen>Drums>The 11>Mr. Charlie (slow) Encore: Take My Hand.

3-17-98 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I~ Cumberland, China Cat>Rider, Blow Away, Cats, Dark of the Moon, Scarlet>Nadine, Right There (Ed) ~II~ Promised Land, Breeze, Mission (sung by Scotty), Righteous Sound, Deal Encore: We Bid You Goodnight.

3-21-98 Cubensis @ Ventura Concert Theatre ~I~ Shakedown, Jack Straw, Take My Hand, Cumberland, Scarlet>Fire, Hey Pocky Way, Dupree's, Breeze, Samson, Right There (Ed), Stranger>Drums, Let It Grow, Enc.: Sat. Night. W/ Electric Blue.

3-29-98 Cubensis @ Scruffy's ~I~ Miss 1/2 Step, Sittin' on Top of the World, Cumberland, Take My Hand, Midnight Moonlight, Uncle John's Band (Jam) ~II~ GDTRFB, Scarlet>Fire, Get Outta My Life Woman, Est. Prophet, Blow Away, Jack Straw, Candyman, Cream Puff War.

3-29-98 Cubensis @14 Below (1st) ~I~ Tenn. Jed, Lovelight, Row Jimmy, Hey Pocky Way, Queen Jane, Minglewood, Breeze ~II~ Dire Wolf, Bird Song, Playin'(Justin)>Dark Star>Playin', Waiting for a Miracle, Midnight Moonlight Encore: China Cat>Rider

4-5-98 Cubensis @ Scruffy's ~I~ (missed Shakedown) Cream Puff War, Stranger, Women>NFA>Women, Sisters & Bros., China Cat>Rider ~II~ Schoolgirl, Mission, Scarlet>Fire (w/ Emily on vocals), Waiting for a Miracle, Unbroken Chain, Hell, Enc.: Sparkle. Excellent show, one of the best.

4-7-98 Cubensis @ La Mirage (Formerly Moose McGillycuddy's: ~I~ Saint, Help>Slip>Franklin's, Iko, Race Is On, Cumberland, You and I (Right There), Hey Pocky Way, Greatest Story ~II~ Estimated Prophet>Eyes, Viola Lee Blues Good Show again, Brian's birthday.

4-12-98 Cubensis @ Scruffy's: ~I~ Viola Lee Blues, Tenn. Jed, Prom. Land, Althea, Sat. Night, Bird Song, Minglewood, Terrapin ~II~ Loose Lucy> >Born on the Bayou, Playin' in the Fire

4-19-98 Cubensis @ Scruffy's: ~I~ Cold Rain & Snow, Here Comes Sunshine, China Cat, Wheel, Bucket ~II~ Midnight Moonlight, Est. Prophet, Althea, Corinna>Franklin's, Miracle>Other One, He's Gone.

4-21-98 Cubensis @ La Mirage: ~I~ Tennessee Jed, Golden Road, Miss 1/2 Step, Golden Road, Hey Pocky Way, Wheel, Eyes*, Midnight Moonlight*, Minglewood, Rooster ~II~ Dark Side of the Moon, Scarlet>Fire, Cryptical>Other One>Drums>St. Stephen, Brokedown, Women. With Marc Ford (Black Crowes) guest guitar throughout.

5-5-98 Cubensis @ the Foothill ~I~ Scarlet, IKO, Cumberland, Row Jimmy, Don't Ease, Greatest Story, Shakedown>GLORIA ~II~ Let It Grow, Good Lovin', Terrapin, Dear Prudence Encore: We Bid You Goodnight (a capella).

5-12-98 Cubensis @ the Foothill ~I~ Tangled, Jack Straw, Deep Elem Blues, New Speedway Boogie (guest harp)>Truckin', St. Stephen>The 11>Eyes ~II~ Lost Sailor>Saint, Lovelight, HighTimes, Minglewood, And It Stoned Me, Touch of Grey Enc.: Nice Show.

5-31-98 Cubensis @ 14 Below (1st) ~I~ Tenn. Jed, Lovelight, Row Jimmy, Hey Pocky Way, Queen Jane, Minglewood, Breeze ~II~ Dire Wolf, Bird, Playin'>Dark Star>Playin' (announcement of Snapper's death) Waiting for a Miracle, Midnight Moonlight Encore: China Cat>Rider.

6-2-98 Cubensis @ the Foothill ~I~ (in progress) Ramble On Rose, Mobile Tangled>Friend, BIODTL ~II~ They Love Each Other, You Win Again, Rubin, Terrapin>Jam>Drums>Easy Wind, Touch of Grey Encore: Breeze

6-7-98 Cubensis @ 14 Below (missed - list per Mrs. Cubensis) ~I~ Race Is On, Cumberland, Sailor>Saint, Sugaree, Good Lovin', Corinna, Sparkle ~II~ Samson, Touch, FOTD, Est. Prophet, Big River, Unbroken Chain (Love Jam), Stranger, Shining Star Encore: Greatest Story.

6-15-98 Cubensis @ 14 Below ~I~ (missed Iko , Shakedown), They Love Each Other, Cumberland, Midnight Moonlight, Hey Pocky Way ~II~ U.S.Blues, I Shall Be Released, Deal, China Cat>Dear Prudence>Rider, Scarlet>Fire, Wheel, Dew Encore: Sat. Night. No Brian, but nice show.

6-21-98 Cubensis @ 14 Below ~I~ Deep Elem, Althea, Help>Slip>Franklin's, Reuben, Women, Breeze ~II~ Corinna, Around, Loose Lucy, Eyes Will Shine, Minglewood, Candyman, Viola Lee, H. C. Sunshine Encore: Race Is On No Brian, but nice show; Justin on Bass in First set and after Minglewood in 2nd set; Dave Nelson sitting in for Steve, who did vocals.

7-5-98 Cubensis @ 14 Below ~I~ Cassidy, Tenn. Jed, They Love Each Other, Music, Iko, Jack Straw, Don't Ease Me In ~II~ Terrapin>Wheel, Miracle>Dear Mr. Fantasy>Hey Jude Finale, Minglewood, Dew Encore: Saturday Night With Larry Ryan sittin' in. Excellent show.

7-26-98 Cubensis @ 14 Below ~I~ (in progress) Jack Straw, Cassidy, U.S. Blues, Cats ~II~ Stand By Me, Blow Away (Larry Ryan), Est. Prophet (Justin transcends), Around, Uncle John's Band>Supplication>Uncle John's Reprise, Dew, Stir It Up (with Rasta guest Gilbert on stage), Box, Stranger Encore: Wharf Rat (Justin) Last show w/ Larry Ryan as a guest - Brian skips Tuesday & is replaced.

8-2-98 Cubensis @ 14 Below ~I~ Jack-A-Roe, Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion), Help On the Way>West LA Fadeaway, Schoolgirl, Crazyfingers, China Cat>I Know You Rider, Sparkle ~II~ Franklin's>Eyes>Other One, Women>NFA>Scarlet, Reuben & Cherisse, Cassidy Enc.: I've Been All Around This World

8-9-98 Cubensis @14 Below ~I~ (in progress) Samson, Cassidy, Dear Mr. Fantasy,>Hey Jude, Shakedown ~II~Stranger, Casey Jones, Mission, Big River, Miss 1/2 Step, Scarlet (Justin)>Fire, Candyman (with Scotty), Saturday Night Encore: He's Gone

8-23-98 Cubensis @14 Below ~I~ (in progress) Big River, Box, Sugar Magnolia ~II~ Wheel, Cumberland, Alabama Getaway, After Midnight (Larry solo), El Paso, Iko, Althea, Drums>Corrina>Iko, I Shall Be Released Enc.: China Cat>Rider.

9-1-98 Cubensis @ Foothill ~I~ Shakedown (epic), Bird Song, Dire Wolf (for Hal), Throwin' Stones>Jam, Hey Pocky Way ~II~ Jack Straw>Wharf Rat> Truckin' (for Gail Roth), Mission, Minglewood, Midnight Hour, Dark Star>Sugar Magnolia>Bucket. Encore: Sunshine Daydream>GDTRFB

9-6-98 Cubensis @14 Below ~I~ China Cat>Rider, West LA, IKO, Eyes, Loose Lucy, Cumberland ~II~ Scarlet>Terrapin, (Brian visits on next two) Alligator, Shining Star, Est. Prophet>Drums>Other One, Saint, Monkey & the Engineer, U. S. Blues Enc.: Sat. Night

9-27-98 Cubensis @ 14 Below ~II~ (missed set I) Touch, Sugaree, Race Is On, Brown-Eyed Women, Lost Sailor>Saint, Jack Straw (for Dinosaur), Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia Encores: We Bid You Goodnight, Samson

9-29-98 Cubensis @ Foothill (with Marc Ford) ~I~ Scarlet>Fire, Minglewood, Spoonful, Cassidy, Ramble On Rose, Wheel ~II~ (1st 2 w/out Mark) Est. Prophet, Touch, He's Gone>Other One>Drums (w/ circle)>Corinna>Good Lovin' Encore: Cumberland.

10-16-98 Cubensis @ La Vida Roadhouse - Hell, Althea, Scarlet>Fire, Shakedown (w/ guitarist Judah Gold from JGB), Franklin's Tower (w/ Judas), Est. Prophet, Don't Ease

10-27-98 Cubensis @Foothill Halloween Show ~I~Second That Emotion, Playin', Peggy-O, Minglewoood, Jack Straw ~II~ Sgt Pepper's album (well done), Scarlet>Fire> >Drums>Sugar Magnolia Enc.: Hard to Handle, Enc.2: I Shall Be Released

11-3-98 Cubensis @Foothill ~I~Eyes, Alabama, Good Lovin', Ripple, Throwin'>NFA, Spoonful, Cumberland ~II~ Sailor>Saint, Stir It Up, Terrapin

1-10-99 Cubensis @ 14 Below: ~II~ Sparkle, Althea, Playin>Jam, Dark Side of the Moon, Lovelight, Tenn Jed., Happy Birthday Sandra, Crazyfingers>Foolish Heart>Drums>Space>BIODTL, Might As Well. Encores: Tons of Steel, Music. They started at 9:25 this time (New Year's resolution). (Soon broken of course!)

1-17-99 Cubensis @ 14 Below (with Jim Shank of Rum Runners in for Justin and Tom Ryan in for Ed) ~I~ Me & My Uncle, Sugaree, Walkin' the Dog, Run for the Roses, Jack-A-Roe, Candyman, Brown-Eyed Women, Let It Rock, Shakedown, Blow Away ~II~ Deal Miss. 1/2 Step, The Letter, Tore Up, Sisters & Brothers, The Way You Do the Things You Do, Jack Straw, Masterpiece, I Will Take You Home (Tom R solo), Don't Let Go, Born on the Bayou, Mission Enc.: Cats

1-26-99 Cubensis @ Foothill: One of the Best ~I~ Me & My Uncle, Alabama (Ed), Playin' (Craig), Ripple, Shakedown, Shining Star, Good Lovin' (w/ La Bamba), Let It Grow, Jack Straw ~II~ Est. Prophet, St. Stephen>the 11 (Craig)>Looks Like Rain, Easy to Love You (Tom), Deep Elem. Cold Rain>Drums [more]

2-6-99 Cubensis @ Iguana Cantina, Whittier, CA: Jack Straw, Around, Wheel>China Cart>Corinna>Rider, Brother John is Gone, Cassidy, Lovelight Enc.: U. S. Blues. With Delta Nove - hot.

2-16-99 Cubensis @ Foothill - "Mardi Gras": Casey Jones, U.S. Blues, Easy Wind, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (w/ harpist "Ron"), Stranger (ditto), Unbroken Chain, Cats Out Under the Stars, Mexicali Blues, Midnight Moonlight

3-7-99 Cubensis @ 14 Below (with "Joe" ? on Bass) ~I~ Tennessee Jed, Watchtower, Masterpiece, Sugar Magnolia, Reuben & Cherise>Bird Song, Miracle, Deal ~II~ Ripple, Bertha, Scarlet>Fire, Big R.R. Blues (with "Joe" on Bass), Schoolgirl (ditto), Ramble On Rose, Loser, Franklin's Encore: Black Peter. Justin sick, Craig did well.

3-20-99 Cubensis @ Westchester Sports Grill: ~II ~ Shakedown, Shining Star, Women, Midnight Moonlight, Dear Mr. Fantasy (w/ Other One Jam), Stranger, Brokedown, Enc.: Music

4-4-99 Cubensis @ 14 Below: (missed set I - sleeping) ~II~ Sisters & Bros., Music, St.Stephen>NFA>Truckin'>Wharf Rat, Terrapin>Drums, Casey Jones, enc.: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. Good set.

4-6-99 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I~ Other One, Deep Elem, Foolish Heart, Big River, Est. Prophet, Sugar Magnolia, Corinna, Miracle ~II~ Shakedown, Spoonful, Terrapin, GDTRFB, They Love Each Other (more) Big Fun.

4-24-99 Cubensis @Westchester Sports Grill: ~I~ LTGTR, Throwin'>NFA, Tenn. Jed, Dupree's, Cassidy, Tangled ~II~ Women, Tons of Steel, Cosmic Charlie, Eyes>Terrapin>Loser, Candyman*, How Sweet It Is*, China Cat>Rider Encore: Black Muddy River * = w/ Andy Braunstein & Scott McGregor from The Maykers

5-8-99 Cubensis @Westchester Sports Grill: ~I ~ Uncle John's>Minglewood, Jack Straw, Good Times Blues, BrownEyed Women, West LA, Shakedown>Get Up Off That Thing>Shakedown, ~II~ Musician's Life (unheard Brent Tune), GDTRFB, Help>Slip>Franklin's Tower, Ramble On Rose, Terrapin>Jam>Let It Grow, Blow Away, Scarlet>Dark Star>Fire Jam to close. Encore: Standing On the Moon With Tom Ryan

5-16-99 Cubensis @ 14 Below: I (in progress) Loose Lucy, Schoolgirl, Midnight Hour (by Rev. Carl Roberts), Friend of the Devil, Masterpiece>Deal ~II~ Touch, Foolish Heart, Sittin' on Top of the World Encore: Don't Ease. No Justin. Short set, to make room for other band. Kosovo Benefit

5-23-99 Cubensis @ 14 Below: I (in progress) Playin', Hard To Handle, Miss. 1/2 Step, Johnny B. Goode ~II~ Sparkle, Scarlet>Fire, Peggy-O, Dark Side of the Moon, NFA, Althea, Bird Song (w/ deconstruction), Harder They Come, Shakedown, Corinna, Viola Lee Blues Encore: Attics. Excellent show.

5-29-99 Cubensis @ Iguana Cafe: ~I~ Greatest Story, Scarlet>Fire, Jack Straw, Alligator, Eyes, Sittin', Sat. Night Encore: ChinaCat>Rider.

6-15-99 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I- Monkey & Engineer., Good Times Roll, Stranger, Ripple, Blow Away, Help>Slip>Franklin's, Unbroken Chain (??) ~II~ Jack Straw, Tangled>Eyes, Miracle Enc.: (w/ Scott & Andy fro The Maykers) I Shall Be Released.

6-19-99 Cubensis @ Forest Jam, Robin's Nest Campground: Tenn. Jed, Stranger, Shakedown, Row Jimmy, Music, Women, Scarlet>Bucket, St. Stephen>the 11, Cosmic Charlie. Encore: Saturday Night. Nice venue - lots of trees.

6-27-99 Cubensis @ 14 Below: ~I~ Promised Land, Jazz jam, Playin', Big RR Blues, Jack-A-Roe, Mexicali, Rooster, Masterpice, Deal. (Craig & Ed in Europe- Jet from Rifficus Rose filled in on guitar.)

7-6-99 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I- Help>Slip>Franklin's Tower, B.T'd Wind, Mission, Music, Estimated Prophet, Sisters, Eyes, L.L. Rain. Encore: Cats (With Delta Nove.)

7-10-99 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I~ LTGTR, West LA, Saint, Race, Cosmic Charlie, Greatest Story, Wharf Rat, Midnight Moonlight ~II~ Shakedown, Big River (guest Harpist), Lovelight, Crazyfingers>Truckin' No encore.

7-17-99 Cubensis @ "Dead on the Rocks": Let the Good Times Roll; China Cat>Rider, Sugar Magnolia, Greatest Story, Don't Ease Me In, Brown-Eyed Women, West LA Fadeway, Hey Pocky Way, Bird Song, Friend of the Devil, Estimated Prophet, Cold Rain, Alligator>Drums>Jam>Alligator, Unbroken Chain, Saturday night, Bertha. Encore: Attics

7-17-99 Cubensis @ Westchester: Lots of switching off with The Maykers. (Cubakers?) (Maykbensis?)

Iko, Midnight Moonlight, Wheel, Touch, Uncle John's Band, Dire Wolf, Eyes, GDTRFB, Cold Rain Candyman, Franklin's, Everythings Gonna Be All Right, Tangled, Jack A Roe, Promised Land, Sisters. Encore: U.S.Blues

8-28-99 Cubensis @ Westchester: ~I~ Cassidy, LTGTR, Stranger>Franklin's> >Dupree's, Sugar Magnolia, ~II~ Sailor>Saint, Peggy_O, Foolish Heart, Let It Grow, L. L. Rain, Casey Jones, West LA, Iko>Drums, Sittin' On Top of the World, Dark Side of the Moon, Cryptical>Other One, Brokedown. Encore: Good Lovin'

9-7-99 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I~ Rooster, Cats, Alabama, Big River, Playin', Watchtower>Loser ~II~ Scarlet>Fire, Jack Straw, Down By the River, Lovelight (missed Simple Twist, China Cat>Rider.)

10-3-99 Cubensis @ 14 Below: ~I~ St. Stephen>the 11>Lovelight, Eyes (Larry solo), Miracle>They Love EO, Stranger ~II~ Corrina, Sugar Mag., Women

10-12-99 Cubensis @ Foothill: ~I~ LTGTR, West LA>Midnight Moonlight>West LA, Dear Prudence, Its Getting Better, ~II~ Help>Slipknot, Wharf Rat Row Jimmy, Sugar Magnolia, Franklin's. Encore: Race Is On

10-31-99 Cubensis @ Foothill: "Halloween Show" ~I~ Est. Prophet, Miracle, Uncle John's Band, Cats ~II~ Help>Sgt Pepper's>Breathe [Yes' Close to the Edge album performed] > Franklin's Sugaree, Samson, Jack Straw, Saint

4-02-00 Cubensis @ 14 Below: ~I~ Ripple, LTGTR, Stranger, Alligator, Catfish John, Sparkle, Wheel>Around ~II~ (missed) China Cat>Corrina>Rider Eyes, Iko, Rooster, Looks Like Rain, Lovelight>GDTRFB, Throwin' Stones Encore: Attics with Justin P. & Mark Karan.

4-15-00 Cubensis @ Lava Lounge - Touch, Music, Big River, Crazyfingers, Tenn. Jed, Reuben & Cherise, Good Lovin' (opening for Delta Nove CD release party.

4-20-00 Cubensis @ 14 Below:

4-22-00 Cubensis @ La Vida Roadhouse - China Cat Sunflower>Know You Rider, Miss. 1/2 Step, Tenn. Jed, Hey Pocky Way, Comes A Time, Reuben & Cherise, Sat. Night Encore: Shakedown

4-24-00 Cubensis @ House of Blues Hollywood- Sailor>Saint, Scarlet>Fire, Ripple, Estimated Prophet, China Cat Sunflower>Know Your Rider, Bird Song, Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion, I Shall Be Released (w/ "Bob Dylan" from Highway 61 ),'Til the Morning Comes, Iko>Women>Iko, Help>Slipknot>Franklin's Encore 1: Shakedown Encore 2: Sugar Magnolia, Encore 3: Attics Best QB show ever.

5-20-00 Cubensis @ Benny's (Highway 61 opener) LTGTR, Me & My Uncle, Music, Truckin'>Terrapin, Run for the Roses, Midnight Moonlight, Sisters & Bros (w/ Scotty for The Maykers) St. Stephen>the 11 (for John), Dark Side of the Moon, Sparkle (left)

5-28-00 Cubensis @ 14 Below (w/ Justin): ~I~ Midnight Moonlight, Tenn. Jed, Promised Land, Sugaree, Crazyfingers>Spanish Jam>Other One Jam, Brown Eyed Women, Mason's Children, Black Peter, U.S. Blues, ~II~ Iko, Jack-A-Roe, They Love Each Other, China Cat Sunflower>Know You Rider, Ramble On Rose, Dear Mr. Fantasy>Hey Jude, Franklin's Tower, Standing on the Moon, Casssidy, Reuben & Cherise, Sittin' on Top of the World, Cold Rain, Hell in a Bucket Encores: China Doll, Hey Pocky Way

6-25-00 Cubensis @ 14 Below (w/ Justin): ~I~ (late) Cassidy, Catfish John, Stranger>Jam, Here Comes Sunshine, Playin', Cosmic Charlie ~II~ GDTRFB, Franklin's (1st 2 with guest KB Charles), Help On the Way>Terrapin>Corrina, St. Stephen>the 11 >Crazyfingers>Drums (more)

6-25-00 Cubensis @ 14 Below (w/ Justin): ~I~ (late) LTGTR, Catfish John, Me & My Uncle, Stranger>Jam, Here Comes Sunshine, Playin', Cosmic Charlie ~II~ GDTRFB, (more)

7-02-00 Cubensis @ 14 Below ~I~ Iko, Dark Hollow, Casey Jones, Me & My Uncle, Dire Wolf, Alligator ~II~ LTGTR, El Paso, U.S. Blues, Candyman, Stand By Me, Viola Lees Blues, Scarlet>Fire, Dixie Down, Lovelight, Good Lovin' Encore: Midnight Moonlight

7-04-00 Cubensis @ Benny's ~I~ Music, Touch of Gray, Tore Up, Truckin'> Johnny B. Goode, Loose Lucy, Tangled ~II~ Ramble On Rose, Deep Elem Blues, Mission (w/ Scott M), Cold Rain (w/ Scott), Black Muddy River, Deal, Scarlet>Hey Pocky Way

7-16-00 Cubensis @ 14 Below (w/ Justin): ~I~ Might As Well, Row Jimmy (Ed), Minglewood, Don't Let Go, Race Is On, Lovely Rita>West LA, Tore Up, Playin', Creampuff War ~II~ China Cat>Dear Prudence>Rider, Easy Wind, Unbroken Chain, Friend of the Devil, Ripple, Dancin' (disco style)>Drums>Space>NFA>Standing On the Moon> Hell in a Bucket Encore: China Doll

8-01-00 Cubensis @ Bennie's ~I~ Reuben>Women, Casey Jones, Hurts Me Too, Midnight Moonlight, Music ~II~ Touch of Grey, Crazyfingers (Justin on Craig's guitar - Awesome -), Uncle John's Band, Terrapin, Black Throated Wind, Deal, Ripple, Harder They Come, How Sweet It Is (w/ Scott M.) Enc.: Dew

8-06-00 Cubensis @ 14 Below ~I~ Don't Ease, Staggerlee, Box, Cumberland, Row Jimmy, Cryptical>Other One, Saint ~II~ Sisters & Brothers, Iko, Black Throated Wind, Bertha, Blow Away, Viola Lee Blues, (more) Hot show.

8-19-00 Cubensis @ Lava Lounge ~ Johnny B. Goode, Me & My Uncle, Mexicali Blues, Cassidy, Est. Prophet, Cosmic Charlie (w/ Justin- Cut hair), Cumberland, Tore Up, Candyman, Let It Grow, Scarlet>Drums> >Scarlet>Fire, Terrapion Enc.: GDTRFB

9-03-00 Cubensis @ 14 Below (with Tom Ryan) ~I~ Good Times Blues, Miracle, Tons of Steel, Sittin' On Top of the World, Johnny B. Goode, Candyman, Mission, Hey Pocky Way ~II~ Schoolgirl, Miss 1/2 Step, Train to Cry, Touch of Gray, Loose Lucy, Crazyfingers>Drums> >Franklin's Tower>Good Lovin', Standing on the Moon, I Just Want to Make Love to You,>Dupree's, Shakewdown Encs.: Brown-Eyed Women, China Cat>Rider

10-31-00 Cubensis @ The Galaxy: "Halloween Show" ~I~ Saturday Night, Hey Pocky Way, Cassidy, Iko, Althea, Bertha ~II~ Hendrix' Axis Bold As Love album performed, Shakedown (with Delta Nove horns).

11-18-00 Cubensis @ La Vida Roadhouse: Shakedown, Hey Pocky Way, Staggerlee, Sugaree, Blow Away, Here Comes Sunshine, Terrapin, Schoolgirl, Franklin's Enc.: Tons of Steel

12-24-00 Cubensis @ 14 Below ~I~ Bertha, Hard to Handle, Peggy-O, Box,Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35, Miracle>Good Times Blues, Miss. 1/2 Step ~II~ Promised Land, Easy To Love You, Let It Grow, Viola Lee Blues, Jack Straw>The 11>Bass Solo>Drums Solo>Hot Jam>Have A Cigar> Lovelight, Unbroken Chain, Might As Well, Candyman, Sugaree, Est. Prophet, They Love Each Other, Jingle Bells Encore: One More Saturday Night (no Justin)

01-14-01 Cubensis @ 14 Below ~I~ Higher Ground, Peggy-O, Hey Pocky Way> >Minglewood, Cryptical> Drums> Other One, How Sweet It Is, Just A Little Light, Sparkle, China Cat>Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion, Midnight Moonlight, Candyman (Scott M on vocals), One More Saturday Night ~II~ Shakedown, Crazyfingers>Tangled>Cumberland, Mission, Easy To Love You, Jack Straw, Throwin', Row Jimmy (Craig M on vocals), A Day In The Life Encore: Franklin's Tower.

01-20-01 Cubensis @ Pitcherhouse (Hermosa Bch) ~I~ Women Are Smarter. Music>Scarlet>JohnnyB. Goode, Tons of Steel, GDTRFB, And It Stoned Me, Let It Grow, Corinna, Easy to Love You ~II~ Help>Slipknot> >Franklin's Tower, Good Times Blues, Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion, China Cat>Rider Encore: Samson (with Joel Sazlow on drums.)

01-30-01 Cubensis @ Bennie's ~I~ (missed openers) Might As Well, Don't Let Go, El Paso, Tangled (w/ old bassist Brian), Cumberland (ditto), Music ~II~ Scarlet>Fire, Shakedown (with rap by Mitch, the massage guy), Dear Mr. Fantasy>Lazy River Road, Deal enc.: Tenn. Jed.

2-18-01 Cubensis @ 14 Below: ~I~ Scarlet>Fire, Unbroken Chain, Deep Elem Bls, Help>Slip>Franklin's Tower, I Just Wanna Make Love to You, Dixie Down, Woman Are Smarter ~II~ Bertha, Werewolves, Eyes>Dancin', Hey Jude>Dear Mr. Fantasy, Playin'>Corrina>Playin', China Cat>Rider, Sat. Night

2-27-01 Cubensis @ Bennie's: - MARDI GRAS ~I~ (partial) Tons of Steel, Dixie Down, Minglewood, Can't Wait till Tomorrow, (Ed in for Tom) Meet the Boys on the Battlefront (Wild Tchoupatoulas), Brother John Is Gone, Sailor>Saint ~II~ Sugar Mag>SSDD, Miss 1/2 Step,>Crazyfingers, Music, Box, Hey Pocky Way, Brown-Eyed Women, And It Stoned Me, Shakedown Enc.: The Way You Do the Things You Do

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