7/22/97 Moose's in Long Beach

7/22/97 Moose's in Long Beach

Set I
Tennesse Jed
Playing in the Band
Franklin's Tower W/Shannon & Diane Hall on vocals
Shining Star
Sugar Magnolia>
Women are Smarter>
Sugar Magnolia (Reprise: Sunshine Day Dream)

Set II Uncle John's Band> The Wheel> Uncle John's Band (Reprise) Brokedown Palace Hard to Handle for Dane's & Dawn's B-Days Alligator> Long Kickass Breakdown> Drums W/Tim on feedback harp Second That Emotion

Encore Feel like a Stranger

Cubensis is addicting -- I'm often asked why I keep going to these concerts. Don't they keep playing the same old songs? Well, yes and no! I go to see my friends and feel the music one more time. The music is alive and has a group electricity. The audience and the band becomes one. Cubensis plays with passion and the songs are not played the same way all the time. There is great variation in the songs and many, many selections. And sometimes (more often than I deserve) I get to play. These guys are the next best thing to a Grateful experience. Where else can you go, for a few bucks, every week, and hear this quality of music? You just can't, so I go. The last Dead show I went to was in Las Vegas, and the band played "This may be the last time". Well, I thought it was till I heard Cubensis. The music didn't stop, it is alive and kicking. If you miss the Dead experience or didn't ever get to hear them live, go to a Cubensis show, you will not be disappointed. Even on off nights, which even the Dead had, this band is amazing. I don't see how they can get any better, yet they continue. - Dr. Dan

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