7/15/97 Moose's in Long Beach

7/15/97 Moose's in Long Beach, CA

July 15 1997  Moose's in Long Beach

Set IGood Lovin'Help On The WaySlip Knot>Franklins Tower>Women Are SmarterI Used To Love Her (But It's all over now)China Cat SunflowerI Know You Rider

Set IIThe Music Never Stopped - w/very special guest singer Michelle MullinsMr. CharlieHell In A BucketTerrapin Station>DrumsSpaceEasy to Love YouDire Wolf

EncoreGoin Down The Line - w/ Dr.Dan on harmonica

Special Guests - Wolf on congas and Tom Ryan on keyboards.We all miss Ed's keyboards but Tom is filling in for him until he returns.Tom should be nicknamed Mr. Blues 'cuz he can really belt them out with thoseblues vocals. Michelle just sang her butt off on "The Music Never Stopped", absolutely outstanding. Mushroom could listen to Michelle sing forever!

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