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Save 'The Music Never Stops' on KPFK

As many of you know, KPFK's finest radio show, "The Music Never Stops" was recently cut back and moved from Friday night to Sunday night. This show has been invaluable to Southern California's deadhead community, and we have an opportunity to get the show moved back to Friday night where it belongs.

We need each and every one of you to call the station this Friday between 7-10pm, during the pledge drive, and state that you would normally be contributing, except for the fact that your favorite show has to be moved back to its rightful time slot.

The number to call THIS FRIDAY is (818) 985-5735.

  1. Explain that you are a listener who wants "The Music Never Stops" back on Friday, where it belongs, for 3 hours.

  2. People shouldn't be nasty at all. Be very kind. The folks answering the phones are just volunteers, and have nothing to do with station management. Don't be mean to them! When they answer, explain: "I would normally be contributing money during this time if The Music Never Stops were on, but . . . " Then explain why Fridays are better than Sundays AND (this is important) why the show should be 3 hours instead of 2.

  3. Please don't say nasty things about Carlos, who's on Friday nights now; he's a good guy and does a very fine show and has nothing to do with the schedule change. He's not the enemy!!

Here's our plan...If lots of people call Friday night and tie up the phones and don't contribute any money that'll get the point across, we believe. Don't be duped into contributing money with the promise "it'll be credited to The Music Never Stops" because it won't be. Just politely explain why you're not contributing at this time.

Remember (818) 985-5735 THIS FRIDAY. Wield your power! Let's rock again on Friday night!!!