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"The final act of the night was headliner Cubensis, a Grateful Dead tribute band, which certainly brought out the modern-day hippies, both young and old. If you closed your eyes and just listened, you'd swear you had been transported back in time." -- Ventura County Star

"The first set was packed with Dead favorites that were solid in execution, yet never fully took flight. Nate LaPointe was robbed of a Golden Globes for his portrayal of Bob Weir during 'Little Red Rooster.' You could close your eyes during 'You Win Again' or 'Dire Wolf' and easily forget that you were listening to guitarist Craig Marshall and not the late Jerry Garcia. The high water mark of the first set was the bands voyage through 'Get Together.' The band had a sweet jam in the middle section of the Chet Powers masterpiece. The set clocked in at a little over an hour and closed with a spot on rendition of 'Ripple.' Before the band could finish the last verse many from the near-capacity crowd had rushed to the bar with the quest to obtain another tasty pint.

Set 2 kicked off with a nice 1-2 punch of 'Scarlet Begonias>Hell In A Bucket.' Any fears I had from set I regarding Cubensis not taking flight were long gone by the set's third song 'Sugaree.' The band stood back and allowed the music to take control as the Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia composition stretched to nearly 15 minutes. A major set 2 highlight was the bands take on The Dead’s most requested number – 'El Paso.' With his acoustic guitar strapped on tight, LaPointe lead the crowd in a giant sing along of the oft-covered country western ballad. My personal highlight of the show was the set-closing 'Bird Song.' By this time, I had moved from the second row to the back of the tiny room. I stood back for a moment and just let the energy of the room take control. The lasers, the music, the crowd dancing as one; Cubensis may not be the Grateful Dead, but they sure as hell can trigger the same feelings insides one's soul when the music hits.

With The Central having no back stage area, instead of climbing off the stage and walking through the crowd only to return a few moments later the band just announced that it was encore time. While many yelled for their favorite Dead classics, it was the gal who screamed 'Alligator' that got her wish. Stretching well past 10 minutes, Cubensis closed out gig three of a run that features the band every Sunday at The Central. The band exited the stage and most wound up back at the bar for some fellowship with fans. A successful inaugural outing to The Central if I do say so myself, I have the feeling that I will be back to see Cubensis on a Sunday afternoon in the near future." -- CONCERT CONFESSIONS, Jan 2011

"It's been said The Grateful Dead weren't the best at what they did, they were the only ones to do what they did. Not true. Cubensis, the famed Grateful Dead cover band has done it for years, — and they're still truckin'. For those who had a chance to see the Dead prior to Jerry Garcia's untimely demise and appreciated the experience, Cubensis is almost as good as the real thing. And for those who have only heard the spaced-out sonic ramblings of the Dead and perhaps view their fans as repulsive, hygienically inconsiderate people, go see Cubensis. You may learn something about yourself and the assumptions you make." -- OC WEEKLY, Sept 2010

"At the Waterfront Concert Theatre in Marina de Rey, Calif., Cubensis performs every Sunday night. Proclaiming themselves an 'amazing, evolving re-creation of the Grateful Dead experience,' their sets are Dead-like in length and freeform presentation. To get a glimpse of a Dark Star or a whiff of Sugar Magnolia, the tie-dyed faithful find their way to the Westside and groove like it's the real thing..."
-- RELIX magazine, Oct 2010

"We all know what procrastinators hippies can be. And in the event that any of you dread-locked ragamuffins have yet to see Grateful Dead cover band Cubensis perform during this month's residency at Huntington Beach's Marlin bar, time is running out. So make sure you've made arraignments with the boss at your day job and truck on down to see So. Cal's preeminent Dead tribute band. Of course, in true Deadhead fashion, you can also just follow them to the next location." -- OC Weekly, Nov 2010

"BEST PLACE TO CHANNEL JERRY GARCIA -- Huntington Beach on a Tuesday night. I'm not even a fan of the Grateful Dead's music, but I had a flashback listening to the band Cubensis perform at this weekly Dead orgy"
--Barry Koltnow, OC Register

"As the tribute to one of the ultimate jam bands, their set lists are as free and frollicky as the crowd" -- LA Times

"Cubensis plays with the same laid-back mastery
as the Real McCoy" -- LA Weekly, Los Angeles, CA

Say the words "Grateful Dead tribute band" and certain images immediately spring to mind: tie-dyed pants, graying ponytails, hippie sensibilities. While Cubensis boasts many of these obvious earmarks, the quintet also has the goods, not to mention a very serious passion for The Dead. Playing from every era of the Dead's catalog, Cubensis is renown for whipping its faithful crowd into a swirling, psychedelic mass for three hours straight. According to both band and fans, they never play the same show twice; not bad for a group that's logged over 2,000 appearances and averages 200 shows a year. Sure, it might sound a bit silly to rehash a band that was once the crown jewel of the hippie's headband. But if all those Elvis impersonators can get away with it, why can't Cubensis? -- Michael Alarcon, AOL

"I enjoyed the scene at Cubensis. The music was great and the crowd was mellow. People danced together, and they danced alone. It didn't matter. All that mattered was the music. " -- OC Register, Orange County, CA

"Although Marshall is the only remaining original member, the guys jam seamlessly like they've been playing together for the life of the band." -- Huntington Beach Independent

It felt like I was in 1969, inside some pub where the Grateful Dead would soon go onstage. Except it was 2006, and the band about to go onstage was not the Dead—not quite—but rather Cubensis, “Southern California’s #1 Grateful Dead Tribute.” All around stood the band’s loyal fans, some of whom, maybe, have followed Cubensis since the band formed nearly 20 years ago. These people were all so nice and warm-hearted—none of them denied me the chance to photograph them. I felt like part of the family, as if I had been partying with them all along.

When the band started playing, people started dancing and singing along. Soon, I was too, which resulted in blurry photos but many laughs. It was undoubtedly the happiest night I’ve had at a show in a long time, and that’s not just the hippie in me speaking. -- OC Weekly, Orange County, CA

Jerry Garcia has not only inspired millions of peacemongers and a delicious flavor of ice cream, he has also motivated dozens of cover bands who make a living jamming Grateful Dead songs. This Los-Angeles based group, whose name comes from the Latin terms for a psychedelic mushroom, champions the jamband style of the Dead and promises that no two of its concerts are ever the same. With impressive guitar work, great drumming and good vocal harmony, these Deadheads may be living in denial, but to them that's just a river in Egypt. -- METRO Santa Cruz, CA

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